Pro Light Stereoscopic 3D Rig

The Pro Light 3D Rig now adds another exiting dynamic to shooting 3D.

Weighing only 7Kg in Mirror Mode the Rig is ideally suited to carry smaller
cameras for shooting on Steadycam or even hand held.

The Pro Light is a fully computerised motion control rig that allows quick
camera alignment with motor control of height, tilt and roll of the Right camera​​​​​​. Also capable of IA adjustment of both cameras, for maintaining balance and optomising maximum IA in mirror mode, and, convergence of Left camera.

Android based proprietory software application allows full control of the Pro Light Rig from any Android smartphone or tablet.​
For further enquiries and specifications please contact our sales department at​ PO Box 71186 Bryanston 2021 South Africa. Sales Tel +27 82 880 1449