Shooting 3D stereoscopic might seem to be a complex and expensive process, however state of the art, user friendly,3D camera rigs from make 3D filming a simpler and more enjoyable experience.

Whether shooting 3DS movies using 35mm film, broadcast cameras or most of the currently available Digital format cinema cameras, the 3D Rig's on board touch screen computer allow stereographers to enter critical camera, lens and user selectable paralax requirements to enable the built in 3DS calculator and stepper motors to accurately position the cameras at their correct inter - axial and convergence positions.

After having done extensive research into 3D stereoscopic filming we realised the need for versatile and cost effective rigs that would not only take the guesswork out of 3DS but would allow the user to shoot through a beam splitter, Mirror Mode, or with cameras Side by Side using the same rig components.

Our rigs are manufactured from high grade aluminium using precision CNC machines, thus providing a stable 3D platform. Our systems integrate highly accurate motion control hardware and software to ensure that cameras are always accurately positioned and 3D depth criteria constantly maintained.

From inception 3D Rigs have been designed to be versatile, robust, quick to assemble, easy to use and are relatively maintenance free.

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